A discussion on the margaret eaton affair in book the petticoat affair by john f marszalek

Contact Author Introduction Few were surprised when the military leader and war hero Andrew Jackson won the presidency of the United States in How could this cause a political conflict? Andrew Jackson had to devote a considerable amount of energy to manage the effects of the scandal and eventually was forced to dismantle the cabinet to settle the issue.

A discussion on the margaret eaton affair in book the petticoat affair by john f marszalek

So when Peggy Eaton, who was viewed as a loose woman by Washington society--she was outspoken and opinionated, her first husband died under questionable circumstances, and she worked in the tavern that her innkeeper family ran--was snubbed by the wives of most government officials, Jackson quickly rose to her defense.

Peggy viewed the situation as being the result of envy and jealousy, but President Jackson felt it was a conspiracy aimed at casting judgment on his choice Cabinet officials and as an attempt to cripple his administration. An enjoyable read demonstrating that the contemporary scandals embroiling politics and political figures are just the latest in a long line.

I expected it to have more in-depth analysis of the events of this so-called saga. However, it turned out to be a dry listing of the events with little to no commentary on them. As a reader, I felt as if the primary sources were cited to me rather than discussed.

I feel I did not learn anything more about the political drama surronding Margaret Eaton than I did during a college history course. Eaton was a woman who did not live by the proper rules of society and is remembered to this day as a social revolutionary, whether she intended it or not.

Mar 21, Carrie rated it really liked it This book gives the reader a good understanding of the historical facts, with the ability of telling a story keeps you reading.

So many times a Historical Book will lose the read due to its dryness, John Marszalek wrote in a way that kept me turning the page.The Petticoat Affair gave me new insight to Andrew Jackson's administration, as I was not familiar with this cast of players.

What a character Margaret Eaton must have been! It was a tale of a women's honor, political ambition, and society in the early to mid s/5. John F.

Marszalek, author of The Petticoat Affair argues in his book that the Margaret Eaton affair, which plagued the first Jackson administration, was a social situation that had political ramifications. May 26,  · For years after the Petticoat affair, Peggy Eaton continued to lead a controversial life.

After John Eaton passed away in , Peggy found herself in the possession of a small fortune as his widow. At age 59, she married an Italian dancer, who had been her granddaughter’s initiativeblog.coms: 4. Leech, Jarmila Panevová, Barbara H. Partee, Vladimir Borschev, Paolo Ramat, Eva HajiÄ ová and Petr Sgall, In memor.

The petticoat affair: manners, mutiny, and sex in Andrew Jackson's White House. [John F Marszalek] -- A stubborn man of deep principles, Andrew Jackson always reacted violently to what he saw as political or social injustice.

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A discussion on the margaret eaton affair in book the petticoat affair by john f marszalek

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The Petticoat Affair: Manners, Mutiny, and Sex in Andrew Jackson's White House by John F. Marszalek