An analysis of my court experience in the central islip district court arraignment section

Call Now for a Free Consultation 1. First, know that an Arraignment will be scheduled regardless of the crime committed.

An analysis of my court experience in the central islip district court arraignment section

You can use any name that the business or person operating the business uses.

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If you do not provide the defendant's true legal, it will be very hard for you to collect your money judgment, if you win. What do I do with my completed form?

If you are filing the Small Claims Complaint form by mail or filing the Commercial Claims Complaint form by mail you must sign it in front of a notary first. Do I have to pay to file my claim?

You must pay a Small Claims filing fee or Commercial Small Claims filing fee by cash or money order, credit cards, or personal checks. Have photo ID available. Checks and money orders should be made payable to "The Clerk of the Court.

Is there another way to solve my problem without going to Court? Every county in the state of New York has a community dispute resolution center that offers mediation for free. You can find the location of a community dispute resolution center near you in the phonebook or at the Small Claims Court Clerk's Office.

An analysis of my court experience in the central islip district court arraignment section

Can the person I am suing sue me? How will I know if the defendant files a counterclaim? The Court will send you a notice or you will be told on the trial date.

Within 5 days of getting the notice of your claim, or On the day of the trial. If the defendant sues me, will my case be postponed? If the defendant files the counterclaim on the day of the trial, you may ask the Judge to postpone the case so you can have time to prepare. Sometimes Judges will postpone the trial even if you do not ask for it.

But if you received notice of the counterclaim before the date of your trial, you must be ready to present your claim and defend against the counterclaim on the date of your trial. After you file your claim, the Small Claims Court Clerk will serve the defendant a notice by mail.

If the defendant cannot be served by mail, the clerk will tell you what to do. Service of the notice lets the defendant know about your claim.

It tells the defendant: What the claim is about, How much money you are asking for, and The date of your Small Claims Court trial.

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How do I know if the defendant was served? The clerk will mail the defendant two copies of the notice: If the Post Office does not return the notice that was sent by regular mail to the clerk's office within 21 days 30 days for Commercial consumer transaction casesthe Court considers the defendant to have been served — even if the notice sent by certified mail was not delivered.

If both regular, first-class mail What if the Post Office was not able to deliver either notice? If neither notice could be delivered, the clerk will: Tell you how to have the defendant served, and Give you a new date and time for your trial.

How do I have the defendant served? You can also hire a process server. Or you can have someone who is 18 or older — not you or anyone else involved in this case — serve the notice. The Clerk will give you instructions. If 4 months go by after you first file your claim, and you have not been able to personally serve the defendant, the Court will dismiss your case.

Later, if you find out about the defendant's location, you can file your claim again. You cannot have a trial if the defendant was not served. Adjournments in the Small Claims Court are discouraged.

Only the Judge decides if an adjournment is to be granted. Can I postpone my trial? You can ask the Court to postpone your trial, but unless you have a good reason, the Court may not agree.Carleton Ave, Central Islip, NY () Suffolk County District Court has 6 Courthouses in the 5 western towns of Suffolk County (Babylon, Brookhaven, Huntington, Islip & Smithtown)..

District Court in the . Our team includes former prosecutors from the District Attorney’s offices in New York City and Long Island, as well as law enforcement professionals.

you may be feeling anxious and confused about what you need to do and say in court. First, know that an Arraignment will be scheduled regardless of the crime committed. at Carleton 5/5. Written by Ren Goscinny and drawn by the process of re writing my paper Albert Build your career at comScore.

including national and world stock market news. including news. The Courthouse in Central Islip was designed by Richard Meier with ground breaking on July 22, Construction completed in the Summer of It is the second largest courthouse in the country and the largest structure on Long Island.

The courthouse accommodates the District Court, the Bankruptcy Court, Pretrial Services and .

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