An argument against implementing curfew to kids aged 17

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An argument against implementing curfew to kids aged 17

Many law enforcement agencies across the country enlist the help of K9s when it comes to searching for a missing child or attempting to locate remains.

And talk about success…Laila, the Golden Retriever has located 10 victims over the past 4 years! In early July, a 7-year-old child diagnosed with autism, went missing from home.

Ace and his handler set out on the search for the missing child. After a few hours, Ace and his handler ran into a couple in the area who found a pair of sneakers in the area.

After tracking the child through the woods, Ace and his handler found the young child running over a small wooden bridge. After petting Ace for a short time, the child became more and more comfortable with the officers who were then able to lead the child out of the woods and into the arms of a desperately waiting mother.

Thanks to Ace, his super sniffer, and a patient handler, another missing child was returned safely back home. In addition to using human volunteers while out on a search for a missing child, enlisting the help of a K9 brings more than just an extra pair of eyes.

Human beings leave behind scent with every step they take; live search canines can be used to track or air scent.

The child left home after getting into an argument with family. After learning that the child was last seen walking toward a wooded area with no shoes on, Leo set out on the hunt. After just 15 minutes, Leo located the child who was found unharmed.

The child was quickly returned home thanks to the quick work of Leo the canine…and of course his loyal handler! While these cases resulted in the safe recovery of a missing child thanks to the hard work of our K9 friends and their handlers, sometimes K9s are used to help locate human remains. When K9s and their handlers are deployed out on searches for human remains, it can be an emotional journey.

Briggs tries to keep in mind while working these types of cases is the idea that although someone has lost a loved one, the family may finally have answers to some long unanswered questions.

Their disappearance sparked one of the largest manhunts in Chicago history as search teams tracked open fields, railroad cars, and thousands of abandoned buildings. Today, there are still no answers. We sat down with Faith and asked her to share some personal insight about the girls, personal thoughts that go beyond the headlines.

Tell us a little about your relationship with the girls. You used to take care of them a lot? Yes, I took up a lot of time with them, a lot of time! Well, we had a female neighbor and her name was Tiona. I was real close to Diamond too.

An argument against implementing curfew to kids aged 17

Diamond spent a lot of time with my mother but Tionda, I was real close to her. She was like my baby. Tionda was very energetic. She was in every talent show.Because curfews increase the likelihood of young people being drawn into the criminal justice system, criminal justice reformers have begun to speak out against the “curfew-to-prison pipeline.” And the penalties for breaking curfew are not trivial.

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When these facts are pointed out, proponents of curfew laws often switch their argument, insisting the purpose of these laws is not to stop youth from committing crimes, but to protect youth from being victims of crime.

Should kids have a curfew? 49% Say Yes 51% Say No Yes, kids should have a curfew. I believe that kids should have a curfew. Teens are known for making poor choices, and they are in definite need of rules. Peer pressure is very strong at that age. Having a curfew keeps kids from going to late night parties, driving recklessly at night or making.

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