Case study osha ergonomics

OSHA will take a shot at certain industries, especially the poultry industry. Note too that a third party, the Southern Poverty Law Center filed the citations, probably as part of broader challenges against the poultry plant, perhaps including wag-hour or union organizing efforts.

Case study osha ergonomics

Case study osha ergonomics

CHESS determined what submittals were required and prepared those submittals or provided guidance to the client on how to submit. We also arranged for laboratory testing of the material as needed, to show compliance with the specifications.

The products received approval.

Case study osha ergonomics

CHESS reviewed the substances used and developed a monitoring plan. When we did the monitoring, we discovered that employees were wearing the wrong type of respirators for the work done. Once we received the monitoring results, we advised them on the need for respirators and suggested some control measures to reduce that need.

Based on our time on-site we were also able to provide them with guidance on what needed to be included in their safety and health programs. CASE STUDY Respirators, personal protective equipment, exposure assessment A company that did aircraft maintenance needed to determine if its spray booth was adequate, and if employees needed to wear respirators during specific tasks.

Advised Case study osha ergonomics on how to operate the spray booth so it worked correctly. Provided guidance on when the paint booth filters needed to be changed. Provided guidance on when respirators were and were not required. Provided guidance on appropriate glove selection. A trial run with the paint, though, caused the employees throughout the shop to complain about the odor.

The company wanted to do a test run, comparing the old and the new paints, on a day when the plant was normally closed that way, if the odor was again a serious problem, the number of employees affected would be low.

We found the newer paint resulted in lower solvent levels than the old paint. We recommended some changes to their use of personal protective equipment, and the addition of some control measures such as routine servicing of their paint booth. Reducing the number of employees in the hearing conservation program could result in significant cost savings.

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After monitoring the noise exposure of representative employees throughout the facility, CHESS was able to advise the company that some employees could be excluded from the annual audiograms.

CHESS wrote their plan for them — after providing them with the questions they needed to answer. We worked with them to determine what the critical functions were at what time after an emergency.

We helped them decide who would be responsible for carrying out those functions and what resources were needed. We also set up a system to keep the plan current.

As we worked to straighten out their records, we learned that a change of ownership had not been recorded by the agency responsible for hazardous waste licensing. Problems at the agency lost paperwork and lost paperwork again caused the agency to take nearly two years to issue a new license.

We worked with the company, following up with the agency, to sort out the matter. CHESS trained the supervisors, developed safety programs, implemented a safety committee, provided training and assisted with identifying return to work opportunities.

CHESS conducted a compliance audit, assisted with OSHA inspections they seem to be in an industry that warrants a visit every three yearsreinstated their safety committee and developed safety programs customized for their facility.

CHESS assisted with ergonomic assessments of several work areas and worked with their very creative, industrious staff to develop solutions. After conducting a safety compliance audit to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, CHESS worked with them to update their existing safety programs and develop needed new ones.

CHESS continues to work with them. We assist with their safety committee, with accident investigations, and with job hazard analyses. We provide safety training, including specialized training for seasonal employees.Ergoweb Enterprise℠ Software.

Ergoweb Enterprise℠ is a flexible, scalable software-as-a-service system that encourages a continuous improvement workflow for ergonomics in the workplace with stepwise guidance for workplace design, ergonomic risk assessment, improvement exploration and process documentation.

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Schedule Demo Learn More. references for further reading (including case studies and Internet web sites). Note: This booklet does not cover ergonomics for the office environment (e.g., the use of video display terminals) or for construction or field agriculture.

Ergonomics Case Study: The Dow Chemical Company's Use of the "Six Sigma" Methodology. OSHA, (May 15, ). OSHA, (May 15, ).

Describes the Six Sigma methodology and how Dow used it to successfully address ergonomics hazards in the company's design and construction division. Ergonomics Case Study: The Dow Chemical Company's Use of the "Six Sigma" Methodology. OSHA, (May 15, ).

OSHA, (May 15, ). Describes the Six Sigma methodology and how Dow used it to successfully address ergonomics hazards in the company's design and construction division. Complete OSHA hour and hour training for the construction or general industry, HAZWOPER training, & certificate programs.

% online & OSHA-Accepted. Bulk discounts provided for . Small Business Owner? Contact the Small Business Advocate for help navigating the rules and regulations of state and local government.

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