Customer satisfaction in service industry thesis

Property Services Ask your customers what you can do to provide an unforgettable service experience In the service sector, experience is your product. The value created through top-notch service and positive overall experience is essential to differentiate your service organization from competitors, grow your profits, and achieve success.

Customer satisfaction in service industry thesis

The service industry is a rough and tumble place, where only businesses with an aim to completely satisfy their customers survive.

From the first contact to the completion of service, embrace some basic customer satisfaction tips to gain a competitive edge. The Basics Companies involved in the service industry, such as hair salons and car repair shops, must focus on providing top-notch customer service at each and every level.

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Whether interacting with customers on the phone or in person, greet customers with an enthusiastic and joyful tone. When setting up appointments, provide detailed information related to the procedures and time-lines associated with your service. Employees should demonstrate a thorough and accurate knowledge of all services offered.

Promote prompt and courteous service.

Boost Positive Customer Experiences in the Service Industry

Provide explanations for any delays. Thank customers for their business and welcome them back. Strive to develop a positive and respectful relationship the first time to encourage repeat business and customer loyalty. Resolving Conflict Providing proper customer service throughout the customer experience will hopefully limit the need to handle conflict.

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When conflict does arise, it's important to limit any damage and seek to mend the relationship with your customer. Employees should demonstrate empathy when handling angry or upset customers.

Demonstrate empathy by allowing the customer to vent and then respond with an affirmation of the problem and your desire to assist in getting the problem resolved as soon as possible.

Offer solutions to help remedy the problem--this can include discounts or free services depending on the severity of the issue.

Track customer complaints to help identify possible problems within the company. Follow-up on complaints to ensure customers received appropriate care and service after the complaint.

Customer satisfaction in service industry thesis

Make it a Priority Customer satisfaction helps drive repeat business and should remain a top priority of a service-oriented business. Go above and beyond to meet customer needs. Employees can offer complementary services when appropriate. This provides an opportunity for additional profit while driving a positive customer experience.

Do your best to nurture relationships with current customers, while working to attract new customers. This can include providing current customers with discounts for referrals or sending them emails linked to special promotions to celebrate their birthdays.

With experience in management and customer service, business is a primary focus of her writing. Long also has education and experience in the fields of sports medicine, first aid and coaching.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from the University of Cincinnati. Photo Credits customer service image by Kurhan from Fotolia.The study was intended to investigate the relationship between customer care and customer satisfaction in the hotel industry a case study of Sheraton hotel.

The objectives of the study were (III) To examine the relationship between customer care services and customer satisfaction . A STUDY OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION FACTORS AND EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY By Ksenia Novikova B.S., Voronezh State University, A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Science in Recreation Degree.

Carev, Danijel, "Guest satisfaction and guest loyalty study for hotel Industry" (). Thesis. Rochester Institute of Technology. Accessed from. Rochester Institute of Technology between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the hotel industry.

Impact of Customers Satisfaction And Customers Retention on Customer Loyalty The weak side of the study is that it is limited to a single industry of mobile telecom industry. Key words: Customer satisfaction, Customer retention, Customer loyalty research that there is solid relationship between customer retention and quality of service.

Service quality and customer satisfaction goes hand in hand, when a service is delivered exceptionally, it then follows that the customer will be satisfied and will be loyal to the services rendered. advantage. The study therefore was conducted to assess customer satisfaction in the banking industry, taking The Trust Bank in Kumasi as a case study of the research.

The main objective of the research was to assess customer perception of the service being received from The Trust Bank and the significance of customer satisfaction.

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