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After reviewing the given, I feel the chain is more committed to profit than social responsibility. Most companies are in a business to make a profit, however, the difference in what is considered reasonable and what is considered ridiculous comes into play. Most people start companies because it something they are interested in and to make a living. There are a few reasons that I feel Company Q is concerned more with profit than social responsibility.

Est task 1 wgu

Journal of Advanced Nursing, 69 6 Graphic Summary Article Su, C. The article began with a straightforward abstract that was organized into the following headings: The abstract was followed by a logical and illuminating discussion of the phenomena of sleep disturbance, common treatment for sleep disturbance, pharmacology treatment and related adverse reactions, and also provided a rationale for the research study.

The researchers briefly discussed the emergence of holistic nursing theory and provided a synopsis of the mind body connection.

Inclusive in the discussion was an acknowledgement of the limited mind-body research studies specifically related to music therapy as an intervention to improve sleep. Towards the end of the introduction section, the researchers further clarified their reasoning for this study, stating that music as a method to improve sleep lacks conclusive evidence as a complementary intervention in which this study attempts to remedy by using an objective tool, the polysomnography PSG.

Literature Review The literature review which is presented after the introduction and before the methods section consists of 20 peer-reviewed journal articles and is divided into two sections with the following headings: A theoretical base and music and sleep.

Evidence in this section spans from to The music and sleep section includes historical evidence from and recent primary research from to In addition, factors involved in patients sleep disturbances on the ICU unit and sleep patterns of ICU patients in the context of stages of sleep are discussed.

The literature review provides a comprehensive basis for the study by the presentation of relevant evidence. It also includes the hypothesis and rationale for the study.

Methodology The methods section of the article clearly delineates this quantitative experimental, randomized controlled trial study and research methods utilized.

Est task 1 wgu

The participants were randomly assigned to a control or experimental group with the experimental group receiving therapeutic music intervention, which included 45 minutes of soothing noncommercial music at nocturnal sleep time. The researchers presented their data analysis in a simple and easy to follow manner.

QAT1 – Quantitative Analysis for Business – The WGU Experience Head of Household Qualifying Widow er with dependent child The recommended tax filing status for this couple is married filing jointly.
READ: WGU EXAMPLE LESSON PLAN FOR MATHEMATICS - I did not know this when I turned in my tasks. I recommend that you take a look at them before completing your tasks.
Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Task 1 | Vicki Steele-Charles - SGI originated in California, now encompasses an additional twelve regional offices located throughout the west coastal region of the United States. Data storage and communication methods, originally based on a single office, are no longer adequate to the needs of SGI.

Statistical t-test and x2 tests were used to determine any significant difference in the group characteristics and pre-experimental baseline measures. The findings indicated that no statistical difference was observed.

The researchers provided a straightforward and uncomplicated discussion of the findings. The researchers concluded based on statistically significant results that listening to sedating music can evoke a considerable autonomic nervous system response and reported that patients in medical ICU benefit from improved quality of sleep if nurses offer a short period of time for listening to music at nocturnal sleep.

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Through a comprehensive review of previous literature, the researchers were able to develop a study that was well grounded in relevant evidence. The research design facilitated the minimization of error by utilizing control and experimental groups and randomized group assignments.

The researchers also sought to minimize error through their statistical handling of data, by utilizing t and x2 statistics to determine if any significant difference was of characteristics and baseline measures was present.

Est task 1 wgu

The results demonstrated the lack of statistical difference and further increased the reliability of the studies results. Finally, the researchers identification of weaknesses and limitations of the study provide a starting point for future research in this area.

The results showed statistical significant improvement in self-reported sleep and stage N2 and N3 after music intervention which combined with the credibility of the research design, provided a solid foundation for their conclusion that music therapy at nocturnal hours improves the quality of sleep in ICU patients.

In an attempt to ensure that ethical violations did not occur in this study, the researchers ensured compliance with ethical standards. The researchers complied with the ethical norms by utilizing methods that avoid error such as blinding the researchers performing statistics and designing a randomized control trial.

Finally the authors state no conflict of interest in performing this study and report the study was funded by a grant from the Buddhist Tza Chi General Hospital.

The researchers designed an objective and systematic study in which results were analyzed using statistical methods. In summary, this study was a quantitative, experimental, randomized control trial.

It consisted of 28 patients who were on a medical ICU.Below is an essay on "Est Task 2" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. EST1 Task 2 The following ethics program applies to all employed by Company X.

WGU Organizational Management Task 1 Jft2. Organizational Management. JFT2 Task 1. A. Analysis Document.

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A1. Bill Bailey. Bill Bailey's position in the decision of whether or not the merger should happen is not simply a business decision. EST 1 Task See how we can help Because Company Q is a small, local grocery store in a major metropolitan area it can at times be very over whelming.

Big chain stores are putting family owned stores out of business on a constant basis. Memorandum To Joe Schmoe Director of Operations From John Doe Manager of Operations Date 01 14 Re Quality Cost Measures Regarding Children Inc. Instructional Setting.

The instructional unit is designed for use in an elementary school fourth grade. The unit was developed by a fourth grade teacher at J.R.

Smith . Western Governors University Course: EST1 Task Student: Angela Clark (ID#) Evaluation: As a small local grocery store in a major metropolitan area, Company Q, has had the close two stores in high-crime areas due to consistently losing money.

Company Q has established a history of ignoring repeated customer requests to provide more health conscious and organic products%(13).

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