How to build a bridge

Hand out specification, budget, and schedule. Briefly go over schedule, e. Allow about 5 min for any questions to clarify objective.

How to build a bridge

Jon Ford had plans to build a new bridge along with building a new house on his property, but plans for the bridge were made top priority when a wayward truck carried too much weight over the old bridge and it collapsed. Red Tape Most bridge builds require considerable planning, especially when it is located over a waterway that is under the jurisdiction of several different government agencies.

There are agencies that regulate flood control, water quality, fish habitat, etc. Jon had to file a riparian landscape plan, file an application with the Oregon Department How to build a bridge Fish and Wildlife, deal with an agency called the National Marine Fisheries Service, submit a fish passage plan, get the approval of the Department of Forestry, and deal with the County Planning and Development Department.

He had to certify a base flood elevation and hire an engineer to draw up the bridge plans as required by the County. The local Fire District also got involved by requiring that the bridge hold a loaded fire truck weighing 50, lbs.

Bridge Construction

Ford already had plans to engineer the bridge to handle a 75,lb. Also added to the government agencies was FEMA, which presented an inaccurate map showing that the entire property was in the flood plain.

A variety of agencies meant a variety of concerns ranging from impact on water quality, on fish migration, on flood mitigation and on vegetation frustration. Just when Ford thought all the bases were covered, one of the agents decided that they would need a foot bridge, which was a big change to what everyone had said all along would be a foot bridge.

That additional length of the bridge had potential to add thousands to the cost of the bridge in engineering costs, added materials and stronger beams.

Admittedly, there are good reasons for many of these regulations. In fact, I live downstream from the property, so my interest in protecting our stream was more than just a passing curiosity.

In the unlikely event that a government agency is not giving you specifications for elevation and span on your bridge project, make sure you are above the year high water mark.

A bridge that is built too low, or with a span too narrow, can cause a significant choke point during those winter storms or spring thaws that bring streams out of their banks.

Debris can hang-up on a bridge, which can catch more debris and eventually dam up the stream, causing a great deal more damage than many people can imagine. All of these considerations must be satisfied before the first shovel can touch the banks of the stream. A small stream such as this one may not seem like much of an obstacle to the casual observer, but a little local history can tell you that most streams can get very big when the weather gets really nasty.

Strong Foundation Once all the concerned government agencies, community input, surveying and engineering aspects are completed, the actual construction of the bridge can begin.

Just like with house construction, the sub-base for the foundation must be shaped and compacted first. For this bridge, which was designed with I-beams, the two foundation pieces that support the ends of the beams are called abutments.

How to build a bridge

They also formed 2-foot wing walls at 45degrees on each end of the abutment. A laser level is the primary tool to transfer the elevations determined by the surveyor to the actual form elevations on the bridge site.

The project begins by establishing the elevations for both the top of the bridge and the bottom of the bridge supports that span the stream. Once this has been determined, an adequate footing structure for the bridge supports must be designed and laid out.

How to build a bridge

The footings themselves must be engineered to have the proper mass and structural support to bear the bridge along with its expected loads. Splices and joints in the base plates were offset from connections in the panels, which made the entire assembly stronger. Before pouring concrete into the bridge footingsthe Ford crew installed a grid of rebar that would tie the bridge footings together with the main beam supports.

Ford enlisted the help of an excavator equipped with a backhoe to maneuver the I-beams into position. Jon Ford purchased a pair of steel I-beams rated to carry the load of the bridge from a local steel company.

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With the bridge footings completed and the I-beams in position, the bridge was ready to have the header forms built around the ends of the I-beams. Next, they built the header forms around the ends of the I-beams. They were able to use the same form panels for this knee-wall portion of the abutment by positioning the panels at the desired elevation, which was flush with what would be the surface of the bridge deck.

How to Build a Footbridge - Part 1 Position and level the first two piers at one end of the bridge using a bullet level and a bar level.

Although Mike owns a plasma cutter, he chose to use a cutting torch for most of the cuts on this project.Oct 27,  · A truss bridge uses horizontal and diagonal pieces to create sturdy structures for each side of the bridge.

This is the most common and popular style of model bridge to build. A beam bridge is a simple structure that uses a horizontal beam placed across an empty space, sometimes with supporting “legs” underneath it. You might choose a design based on what you’ll use the bridge for%().

Golden Gate Bridge Read about the history of the Golden Gate Bridge and take a virtual stroll from the Marin side of the bridge across to San Francisco. Books Billington, David P.

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Gathering up my supplies!. Now I'm ready to start!. Placing Popsicles sticks together on-top of paint sticks using 2 sided tape. Take a break . is a simple but revolutionary app that connects Builders with capital, payment processing for their trades and accounting services. Consequently, the bridge will be high enough to avoid the steep banks and any flowing water. Built of laminated four-by-six support beams, pre-cut posts, decking and side rails, the foot length of bridge will span the gulley resting on heavy block piers. Lyrics to 'Love Can Build A Bridge' by The Judds. I'd gladly walk across the desert with no shoes upon my feet / To share with you the last bite of bread I had.

Expert Reviewed. How to Build a Spaghetti Bridge. Four Parts: Building the Bridge Collapsing the Bridge Strengthening Your Bridge Entering Your Bridge for Competition Community Q&A Dry spaghetti is very brittle and breaks easily, but by gluing the strands together to create different shapes, you can make a model bridge that can hold a .

Review four basic bridge types, and try simple experiments at home or school that show forces at work. A bridge that is built too low, or with a span too narrow, can cause a significant choke point during those winter storms or spring thaws that bring streams out of their banks.

Debris can hang-up on a bridge, which can catch more debris and eventually dam up the stream, causing a great deal more damage than many people can imagine.

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