How to write a social work learning contract

Authored by Rosalind Mathews.

How to write a social work learning contract

Steps The Practicum Contract is designed to guide you through the completion of the requirements for this course. The initial contract is in the form of a journal entry see end of this text that will be a private negotiation between you and the instructor.

Learning contracts are formal agreements that detail what the learners should learn, how they should accomplish it, and the specific evaluation criteria that should be used in judging the completion of the learning.

Each contract is unique. Although all students use the same form of organization, the contract is individualized to conform to personal backgrounds and interests, and varied areas of study. The following quotes apparently originate from a paper by Anne Bostwick and David Boggs in The Role of Faculty in Maintaining Quality [American Council on Education, ] " [A contract] captures, more than any other academic process, the creativity and potential for individualized instruction.

Personal Goal your plan, and reasons you chose your project 2. Timeline when each component of your project will be complete for Weeks 3, 6 and 8 4.

Results what you will produce 5. Evaluation Criteria and Rubric how Practicum participants will evaluate your project Description of elements 1.

how to write a social work learning contract

Personal Goal The personal goal is a brief statement of what you intend to accomplish during this practicum. Example only - yours may be different By the end of the practicum I will design and develop an online unit of instruction.

The unit will have: List of readings and online resources for the unit Detailed description of assessments Detailed description of activities 2. Learning Resources Learning resources are what you will use to accomplish the goal. When describing the learning resources, be specific.

Learning resources can include and are certainly not limited to: Print material you intend to seek and find Web sites you plan to use as a resource for one purpose or another.

Peer and Instructor feedback A record of your process. Example only - yours may be different To accomplish the goal stated above, I will use the following resources: Review of an existing course Final project completed in the OLO course Results of an interview with an experienced online instructor Feedback from peers and instructor during practicum 3.

Be sure to describe what you plan to have completed and ready for review by the end of the three review periods. Example only - yours may be different Week 3: Identified web resources to use in conjunction with unit 4 of my course and written Discussion Questions for the first two modules.

Written scenarios for the first five problem-solving exercises.

how to write a social work learning contract

Online module completed with activities and evaluation criteria. Results What you will produce Indicate what results you expect from the project. These items must be something someone else i. Results can include and are certainly not limited to: Power Point written work e.

Example only - yours may be different At the conclusion of this practicum, I will have completed the following: A Design Document describing the online course I will develop One fully developed unit of instruction.

A reflective paper documenting the decisions I made creating the Design Document. Evaluation Criteria These are the criteria that I and your colleagues will use to evaluate how well you have fulfilled the goals set out in the Learning Contract.

Think about what criteria you would use to evaluate the project that you have proposed.DEVELOPING A LEARNING CONTRACT WITH A STUDENT A learning contract can be utilized if a student is having trouble meeting the course standards.

Together, the instructor and student develop and outline a plan of action which should I can work harder on preparing for clinical. Plan for Success (student to identify goals and strategies): 1.

Learning Contract Instructions The heart of the learning contract is a conversation between the social work student and their agency field practicum supervisor. Knowing how to write a learning contract is important in enabling you to determine the strategies to apply in order to improve performance.

With the document, you will be able to make comparisons on your current abilities with the desired goals. For example, an instructor may write a series of learning-contract goals on the board (similar to the list appearing in Figure 1) and direct each student to select 3 or 4 to include in his or her own contract.

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