Mentoring in teachers training

One important lesson from these efforts has been the recurrent finding that teachers are the fulcrum that determines whether any school initiative tips toward success or failure. Next to the status of the profession and the role of the teacher in the educational enterprise, the quality of teaching, the process of teacher professional development and the strategies to influence that process are the central issues. Every aspect of school reform; the creation of more challenging curriculum, the use of ambitious assessments, the implementation of decentralized management, the invention of new model schools and programs is totally depends on highly-skilled teachers. Teacher mentoring programs are now perceived as an effective staff development approach for beginning teachers.

Mentoring in teachers training

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In their first years in the profession, early career teachers face the challenge of translating theory from teacher preparation programs into practice and developing effective classroom management skills while planning and delivering instruction to maximize student learning.

Becoming a highly effective teacher requires a lifelong commitment to continuous professional learning. TEAM is a professional growth model that incorporates the CT Standards for Professional Learning and provides beginning teachers with multiple opportunities to reflect on their practice, analyze student data and outcomes, and identify areas for growth and improvement for their individual professional learning.

TEAM is designed around five professional growth modules in order to provide a framework for the support of beginning teachers. Module 5 Professional Responsibilities is different from the other four modules, which are primarily classroom centered.

To fulfill Module 5 requirements, teachers must engage in district-facilitated conversations that focus on ethical and professional dilemmas.

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Non-renewal must be based on alternative criteria. Clarification for beginning teachers: Conversely, a beginning teacher cannot use a successful completion of modules to argue against a non-renewal decision by the district.“Self-paced” modules don’t have to be done alone!

They can be implemented in a variety of ways. We recommend professional learning communities (PLCs), whether online, offline, or in a hybrid format, but teachers can use the modules for self-directed learning.

Mentoring in teachers training

Teacher Training: Staff Development Through Peer Mentoring Mentor: In Greek mythology, a friend of Odysseus and a tutor of his son Telemachus; a name proverbial for a wise and faithful adviser. Included: A case study of a technology mentoring program that can work for all grades and all subject areas.

The case studies show how mentors can help teachers get beyond stereotypes and surface-level observations and really look closely at children’s learning in data-driven ways. Building Trust; Responding to Diverse Learners; Enhancing Mentor Knowledge; Each of the three modules are made up of three lessons that contain a myriad of multimedia resources.

The UFT offers classes and workshops for educators, including state-mandated workshops on Child Abuse Recognition and The Needs of Children with Autism.

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Beginning Educator Support Team (BEST) provides support for new teachers in Washington State through comprehensive induction. We aim to support and retain new educators and ensure an equitable, high quality education for every student in .

Mentoring in teachers training
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