Record slideshow powerpoint 2013

The best way to prove themselves is to prepare appropriate presentations to participate very well in Business promotion activities. Thus, Microsoft has introduced another very useful tool in PowerPoint that can be surely a valuable tool if you want to give a new turn to your promotional activities. PowerPoint enables you to record your slideshows so that you may use it for the next time activities and even you can select multiple slides to join with one another to create another powerful slideshow for a newly introduced product.

Record slideshow powerpoint 2013

A collage is a great way to present a lot of images at once without bogging down a presentation.

record slideshow powerpoint 2013

Using the picture tools available in PowerPointyou can create a professional-looking collage quickly and easily. Loading Your Images Insert a new blank slide in your presentation by right-clicking beneath a thumbnail and selecting New Slide. Screenshot courtesy of Microsoft. Click the Insert tab and select Pictures to add photos from your computer.

Resize each image by dragging the corner Anchor Points that appear when the image is selected.

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Drag the middle of each image to move its position on the canvas. Cropping and Arranging the Images As you add more images to the collage, the corners of each image will become more prominent.

Here are a few ways to crop images so that you can arrange them in a more visually appealing style. This is particularly useful for large expanses of sky in a photo. Click the image to transform the cursor into the Color Selection Cursor.

Click the color that you want to make transparent. Make a color transparent from the Color options. If you selected the wrong color, press Ctrl-Z to undo the selection and try again.

Once the color is removed, drag the photo above another photo. You can one position at a time, or move them all the way to the front or back of the slide.

Move photos above or below other photos. Cropping to Shape Eliminate sharp corners from some of your photos while making more room for details by cropping them with an Oval Shape. From the drop-down menu, select Crop to Shape and then select the Oval from the Basic Shapes section.

Of course, you can use any shape that suits the photo. Crop an image to an oval shape to remove the corners. Cropping to a New Size Narrow or wide objects can always be cropped using the traditional method of changing its height or width. Drag the crop marks to the desired size. Drag the image to reposition it inside the crop marks.

Cropping a narrow image makes it easy to fit in the collage. You can usually achieve more or. A quickly-created but relatively complete collage.PowerPoint - Advanced Presentation Options Back to Tutorial so if you want to point out details on screen you can use PowerPoint's laser pointer option.

To record a slide show: Click the Slide Show tab, then locate the Set Up group. Click the Record Slide Show drop-down arrow. Select either Start Recording from Beginning or Start. Want a cool background song to enhance your presentation?

Adding an audio track to your Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow is a cinch, if you initiativeblog.com4 files stored on your computer. Important: To use the screen recording feature in PowerPoint , install the February 16, update for PowerPoint Open the slide that you want to put the screen recording on.

On the Insert tab, click Screen Recording. Control how the browser opens PowerPoint files Problem. You have a link to a PowerPoint file on your web site.

When someone clicks the link you want to control. You got a PowerPoint slideshow embedded with a cool piece of music. You want to extract the sound out of the PowerPoint file so that you can keep it single and.

Nov 26,  · I'm a music teacher and I have used the record slideshow in PowerPoint for years with success. Now I am having two issues with the process when using PowerPoint Firstly, if I open any file with timings created in PowerPoint the timings are out of sync with the slides.

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