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Stronger candidate

Results Terrorism and the war in Iraq were clearly the central issues of the presidential race, overshadowing such perennial domestic concerns as the economy, health care, and jobs.

The focus on military issues and foreign affairs in marks a strong departure from the previous three elections-in, and which focused almost entirely on domestic issues.

Building a Stronger Community Through Communication The former frontbencher and ex-paratrooper applied before the deadline passed on Friday. Former sports minister Richard Caborn and councillor and trade union lawyer Ben Curran have also thrown their hat in the ring.
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In the months leading up to the conventions, the ad strategies of the two major parties followed along the traditional lines established during the Cold War era. President Bush's ads presented him as a steady commander in chief during dangerous times, while Senator Kerry's ads argued that the Democratic challenger is more in touch with the daily needs of the ordinary voter.

Their ads, including " Any Questions?

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The Internet became an important medium during the campaign. Candidate Websites functioned as the online equivalent of campaign headquarters, used to organize, mobilize, energize, and raise funds from existing supporters.

Influenced by the internet-fueled, grassroots campaign of Democratic primary candidate Howard Dean, the Democratic and Republican nominees took advantage of new social networking technologies and platforms.

The widespread availability of broadband access made it possible for video to be circulated easily on the Web. As a result, Web-based ads by the candidates, independent groups, and individual filmmakers, were widespread.

Web ads tend to be edgier and more provocative than TV commercials, partly because they are often targeted to specific groups with strong opinions about candidates and issues, but also because of the nature of viral video.

Bush for president Dick Cheney for vice president "Steady Leadership in Times of Change" Although the Bush campaign ran a few positive ads to kick off the contest in March, the main goal of the President's advertising efforts was to portray Senator Kerry as a flip-flopping liberal in favor of high taxes and reckless cuts in defense spending.

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The goal has been to define Kerry before the Democrat has had a chance to define himself, and to evoke memories of George McGovern and Michael Dukakis. Links to the ad were e-mailed to six million supporters, and graced the Websites of major news outlets.

Although it is unusual for an incumbent president to run such a negative ad campaign, it is not unprecedented. Lyndon Johnson's campaign similarly used attack ads against Barry Goldwater to divert attention from the president's problems with the growing quagmire in Vietnam and with resistance from white voters to his support of civil rights legislation.

Stronger candidate

The MoveOn PAC enlisted help from well-known Hollywood directors and personalities for its ads, and appealed to Internet audiences to fund the television broadcasts of their favorites, and even appear in them.

Rhonda Nix ," part of a series of interview ads with Republicans who were disenchanted with President Bush. From the primaries through the conventions, John Kerry's TV ads were largely positive in tone, focusing on the candidate's biography and emphasizing domestic issues such as jobs and health care.

The strategy was to draw attention to issues considered favorable to the Democratic candidate, and to introduce Kerry to a voting public that had already formed strong opinions about President Bush. In the face of strong attack ads from the Bush campaign and from independent groups, Kerry's TV ads became much more aggressive in tone as well, frequently attacking the President on Iraq and the economy.

His campaign also created a few response ads for television within hours, such as " Juvenile ," a rebuttal of the Bush ad " Windsurfing.

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Pasadena, March 9, - Chris Holden, a candidate for State Assembly in the 41st district, received the official endorsement of the California Democratic Party at its state convention this weekend in . Dan Jarvis has joined the contest to be chosen as Labour’s candidate for the new role of South Yorkshire mayor.

The former frontbencher and ex-paratrooper applied before the .

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