The creative writing being the one who cares

Before starting each interview, all participants were informed about the objectives and method of the study. They were also informed that participation in the study is voluntary; therefore, they could refuse to participate or withdraw from the study at any time. Moreover, the participants were reassured that their responses would be kept confidential and their identities would not be revealed in research reports and publications of the study.

The creative writing being the one who cares

Writing Effective Impact Statements: Impact statements demonstrate how our work makes a difference in the lives of people, communities, and the environment. Documenting the results of our efforts is also increasingly expected by funders and stakeholders. Department of Agriculture asks land-grant universities to collect and submit information on "impacts" of teaching, research, and Cooperative Extension programs.

At the federal level, impact statements are shared with members of Congress and other key decision makers. In Virginia, impact statements are used to highlight the value of our work to the Congressional delegation, members of the Virginia General Assembly, and other supporters and stakeholders.

Impact reporting is important because it: Helps us reflect on and improve our work. Improves visibility of programs local, state, national.

Is a repository of results for speeches and other communication. Helps us focus on issues, initiatives, and program themes. Builds greater understanding of our programs by the public.


Impact reporting is important to land-grant faculty and staff because: Stakeholders are asking for it. It lessens urgent requests for program examples, etc. Your work receives more visibility. Your work is exposed to potential funders.

It can summarize and celebrate a job well done. Impact means the reportable and verifiable difference a land-grant program makes in the lives of people. Impacts are the documented results of a program, course, or research project.

Illustrates the importance of the land-grant effort. Describes the positive change we make in social, economic, and environmental conditions in Virginia, the nation, and around the world. Shows the economic value of our work through:From web design, writing, music, to cooking, there are endless examples of creatives “borrowing from one another.” Related: 21 Ways to Get Inspired (Infographic) 3.

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The creative writing being the one who cares

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