The decline of the worlds iq essay

There is never one right answer. To be creative requires divergent thinking generating many unique ideas and then convergent thinking combining those ideas into the best result. In the 50 years since Schwarzrock and the others took their tests, scholars—first led by Torrance, now his colleague, Garnet Millar—have been tracking the children, recording every patent earned, every business founded, every research paper published, and every grant awarded.

The decline of the worlds iq essay

They are, in other words, dependent on the open-mindedness of individuals wishing to develop their knowledge and understanding by exploring thousands of years of history and literature produced by human civilisation.

Despite this, universities in recent years have seen a rapid decline in the reputation and value of liberal arts degrees. This development can, in large part, be laid at the feet of the ever-increasing influence of postmodernism, a superficially attractive philosophy often used to promulgate political and cultural ideas.

Courses that have embraced a postmodern viewpoint tend to harshly ostracise any conflicting perspective, thereby eroding the intellectual freedom upon which the liberal arts had hitherto relied. Does it exist only in the realm of art and literary theory or is it also a social phenomenon?

Like any cultural movement seeking to expand its territory, it seems to have designs on both. Since universities are the home of contemporary philosophy, it should not be surprising that they are currently the main hub of contemporary postmodern thought. Rarely are they encouraged to research the context in which the art was produced or to draw upon previous knowledge to uncover resonance and meaning.

Instead, they are encouraged to fabricate interpretations based on their personal experience and feelings. Needless to say, I am not suggesting that contemplating and critically analysing art is an entirely objective enterprise. Artworks can yield multiple interpretations, and sometimes more than one of these interpretations will be equally valid.

However, postmodern analysis takes this a step further; its rejection of grand narratives means it has no grounds on which to say that any interpretation is superior to any other. This becomes especially hazardous when the postmodern approach to art is extrapolated into broader society: Such statements may have no empirical basis by any objective, scientific measure, but they are taught to students and accepted as mainstream wisdom in higher education just the same.

Postmodernists see distinctions between people, groups, or things as oppressive, and as a result, they attempt to mitigate marginalisation by blurring and dissolving distinctions. But this philosophy runs into a wall when it stipulates that life itself is a process of exclusion and discrimination.

Speaking a word implies the exclusion of all others.

The decline of the worlds iq essay

Articulating an idea discriminates against all other ideas. We cannot embrace all ideas at once, because each idea is then stripped of its value and meaning. Independent thought itself becomes a currency so devalued as to be rendered worthless.

They should be pushed to think critically about new ideas and to reconsider and re-think their existing biases. Instead, liberal arts students are taught that all interpretations are valid, and that disapproval of any idea is evidence of their own narrow-mindedness. This presents a paradox: On the other hand, this suggests that anyone who does believe in the existence of an objective right and wrong are, themselves, objectively wrong.An IQ test used to determine whether Danish men are fit to serve in the military has revealed scores have fallen by points since And standard tests issued in the UK and Australia echo the results, according to journalist Bob Holmes, writing in New Scientist.

Even as the Flynn effect sends IQ scores skyrocketing, some researchers argue a darker view. Humans aren't getting smarter, they say. They're getting stupider. The decline of the world's IQ Richard Lynn a,⁎, John Harvey b a b A further decline of IQ points in the world's genotypic IQ is projected for the years – In the period – this decline has been compensated for by a rise in phenotypic essay 1 draft 2.

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