The environmental issues of the steller sea lions

In this publication, he traced the history of names, gave keys to families and genera, described North American species and provided synopses of species in other parts of the world. These animals rely on their well-developed fore-flippers to propel themselves through the water.

The environmental issues of the steller sea lions

Industries in this area include aerospacemilitarybiotechnologyfishingelectronicscomputersforest products, marine industries, telecommunicationstransportation and other commerce industries.

Governed as municipalitiesthe ports operate shipping terminals, marinas, docks, and associated infrastructure, such as roads, railroads and parks. The fastest-growing part of Washington ports is industrial development. According to the Puget Sound Regional Council PSRCa board that plans for growth in the four central counties of the area KitsapPierceSnohomish and King countiesthe combined population of these counties was nearly 3.

The county Puget Sound region, including Seattle and Tacoma, has quadrupled to four million people since the s, and the state predicts one million more residents by Another change the region faces involves the demographics of its population.

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The segment of its population ages 65 and older is projected to increase by percent, making up 17 percent of the total population by This has major environmental implications, including pollution runoff and the altering of important shorelines.

The GMA requires local governments to develop long-term comprehensive plans for land uses in their jurisdictions. Plans must be coordinated with surrounding counties and be approved by a regional board. Hypoxia is a low-oxygen condition occurring in Hood Canal. One overriding factor of this is the underwater topography of the canal.

While the shallowest part of the canal is its entrance, where the ledge, or sillof the canal measures only feet 46 m deep, the deepest parts of the canal are more than feet m deep. Marine water may be entering at a density lighter than needed to flush out Hood Canal quickly or effectively.

Riverine freshwater input has changed—increased or decreased—altering the stratification water of Hood Canal marine life. Organic material input may have increased. Light input may have increased algae growth increases with light, as well as organic nutrient input.

Wind currents may have altered water column circulation Atmospheric circulation. The picture surrounding hypoxia in Hood Canal is complex; research models point to more than one contributing factor: Nutrient level is a large issue due to the human impact.

The supply of nutrients, primarily nitratesto the euphotic zone is thought to impact levels of dissolved oxygen. Nutrients feed algae, which under the right conditions, "bloom" and then die and decompose; the entire process requires a large amount of oxygen.

This decreases the oxygen in the water column, lowering the dissolved oxygen level. The primary natural source is in ocean water that flushes Hood Canal. Man-made sources include leaking septic systems, storm water runoff, agriculture and various other sources causing nutrient pollution.The Steller (or northern) sea lion is the largest member of the family Otariidae, the “eared seals,” which includes all sea lions and fur seals.

Steller sea lions are named for Georg Wilhelm Steller, the German surgeon and naturalist on the Bering expedition who first described and wrote about. Jeff Corwin joins the Harbor Branch at Florida Atlantic University's Health and Environmental Risk Assessment team to study Atlantic bottlenose dolphin health in Florida's Indian River Lagoon.

Steller Sea Lion and Northern Fur Seal Research Environmental Impact Statement NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Service January This newsletter is the first in a series of newsletters regarding the Steller Sea Lion and .

Steller sea lions were commercially harvested before they became protected in Intriguing Info Steller sea lions are blue-listed by the province, meaning they are of special concern: due to particular characteristics of the species they .

Extinct Species at Bagheera. Choose any of the Extinct Species below for further study and review. This will help deepen one’s understanding of why the species became extinct.

Ecologic resource with articles on endangered salmon and salmon recovery plans in Idaho.

The environmental issues of the steller sea lions

Information on Snake River Dams and Columbia River Dams and their effect on spawning salmon. Redfish Bluefish film information and script.

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