The inception and history of computer giant microsoft corporation

A 2nd generation iPod iPod mini with the user interface set to German In OctoberApple introduced its first iPod portable digital audio player. Then iPod started as a 5 gigabyte player capable of storing around songs. Since then it has evolved into an array of products including the Mini now discontinuedthe iPod Touchthe Shuffle now discontinuedthe iPod Classic also discontinuedthe Nano now discontinuedthe iPhone and the iPad.

The inception and history of computer giant microsoft corporation

Industry Dynamics Microsoft offers a competitive advantage through technology innovation by delivering the right services at the right time by strengthening IT as a strategically focused and business aligned organization. They can also seize opportunities to take the competitive lead by applying technology in innovative ways.

And because sales, marketing, and customer service tasks are handled within a familiar application, any team can work smarter and be more productive on any project that they are working on.

They can also create and monitor customized offers and pricing for each opportunity, by more effectively positioning against competition with a seamless competitor tracking tool. A firm can also streamline a proposal creation with embedded document management capabilities and establish consistent sales processes with predefined workflows.

Users can also empower their sales force with real time data from any web enabled device to get on the go leverage. While servers, desktops, and mobile devices have arguably identical issues with compatibility, the solution and answer lies within HTML 5, and the driver in both cases is user demand.

Thanks to the steady and regular market share gains, the Mac now has the upper hand of the market, especially in the U. S, where Apple has already exceeded 10 percent of the market share. The problem Microsoft is having is that the demand for Macs comes largely from the demands for I-Phones.

If a user has a good experience with an I-Phone, this will lead into repeated trips to the Apple store on site and online, with more and more users considering and purchasing Apple products, including Macs, I-Pads, and I-Pods.

Android has also benefitted from a similar popular demand recently in the mobile device world, and since Google has its own platform now, users have more choice with both hardware and wireless carriers.

The inception and history of computer giant microsoft corporation

The problem with these platforms is compatibility, which was a bigger issue in the past than now, but still an issue. No new major PC specific applications have appeared in the past several years, instead, all new apps have been web based and run well on standard based browsers on any desktop computer operating system including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Microsoft embraces HTML 5 because they feel it is the future of web technology that they are exploring by using Internet Explorer 9 and within the next few months Windows 8.

On the mobile side HTML 5 is leaned more towards the future of mobile devices, but at the same time will bridge the gap between disparate and incompatible platforms like the I-Phone, Android, and Windows phones.

Instead they can create and users would embrace a single web app that is cross compatible on all operating systems. Microsoft is wise with its goals for Silverlight, but at the same time the software giant is welcoming HTML 5 with arms wide open as its path to the future of the company.

The new user experience also extends to how applications will run on the Windows 8 software. Developers will also be able to use common web technologies, such as HTML 5 and JavaScript to create applications for the PC to further ease integration and adoption.

To aid developers in building applications for the new Windows 8 platform, Microsoft has opened a new developer conference called BUILD which will take place in California later on this year Needless to say, Microsoft is keeping up with technology and innovation by embracing new technologies that can be implemented into their existing platforms that will make the Microsoft brand even bigger and better than it already is.

Strategy to Protect Innovations Although Microsoft lags behind Apple in innovation, during Microsoft was granted the third most patents of all companies with almost 3, patents behind the leaders IBM and Samsung.

Microsoft spends approximately nine billion dollars a year in research, development, and acquisitions, totaling over sixty nine billion over the last decade, which for Microsoft has not brought the breakthroughs to the public like they wish they could.

Although Microsoft never quite ranked among famous labs such as Bell Labs and the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, Microsoft itself still feels that they are one of the few remaining companies that still do pure research and development, including kinds that may not turn into products for several years to come.Dec 13,  · Microsoft Corporation is a large American multinational company that develops, licenses, markets and supports software products for different computing devices especially the Personal Computer.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded it in in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is a timeline of Microsoft, a multinational computer technology corporation.

Full timeline. Year Month and date Event type Details April 4: Company: Steve Jobs introduces the original Macintosh, the first mass-market computer with a graphical user interface.

Microsoft would later adopt many of its features into Windows. Microsoft is an American corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft is a technology company that supports the invention of, as well as manufactured and licensed goods and services related to .

A Short History of Microsoft. Search the site GO. History & Culture. Inventions Computers & Internet Microsoft is an American corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Paul Allen and Bill Gates are the co-founders of Microsoft. The pair were total computer geeks in an age when any access to computers was hard to come by.

Allen. Microsoft’s ambitions have been anything but small since its inception in the early ’s. Microsoft’s is the world’s number one software company and has controlled an overwhelming share of the personal computer operating system market.

Microsoft Corporation

In July , Yahoo agrees to use Microsoft as exclusive technology provider for its search services, and Microsoft will provide contextual advertising to Yahoo! on a non-exclusive basis. [] [] In September , Yahoo formed an ad selling strategic partnership with 2 Owner: Verizon.

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