The recent and current trends and influences in portrait photography

General Topics 3 Comments Portrait photography is certainly an art. There is no other way that human emotions express themselves and no other medium that may preserve you smile and your dazzling looks for so long. Now it is time to explore portrait photographyso you may get a hint of what exactly to wish for and what to expect from your photographer. One of the oldest means of looking young, vibrant and even authoritative is portrait photography, with the exception of painting off course.

The recent and current trends and influences in portrait photography

The Camera is only a tool to the creative minds eye. Personal Information About the Artist: Robert Hunt's passion is as an artistic photographer.

The search for inner peace and beauty as a counter to the turmoil within and without, t From the beginning of photography to the masters of the early 20th century to the most recent contemporary photographers that is where Robert looks for insight as he continues to expand his portfolio of work.

Of his style Robert says: The things that move me to create my work are like a chef that takes all the ingredients from a well-stocked pantry to create a signature dish.

Combining all these internal and external influences drives me to create in this style. Approaching his subjects with the intent of capturing them in an artistic way, expressing the mood and joy of that special day or session.

In his work Robert has never been driven by any causes or crusades, there is no attempt to make a photojournalistic statement or to photograph with the intention of keeping up with any current trends.

The recent and current trends and influences in portrait photography

His hope is that the images he creates will provoke thought and culminate in bringing satisfaction and enjoyment to others.When BlogHer asked Anita Chu and me to speak at this past weekend's annual BlogHer Food conference (in Seattle!) about current food photography trends and styles, it didn't take me very long to settle on this challenge: take one single subject--a cake, in this instance--and shoot it using the many different styles of food photography that are present on the blogosphere today.

There is a current trend in portrait photography which extends this to lighting as well. Classically, portraiture involved lighting patterns: Rembrandt’s influence, Vermeer, etc.

Basically these involve a key light at about 45 degrees to the subject resulting in (primarily nose) shadows that defined the style: Rembrant, short, broad, loop.

Portrait photography is one of the most creatively demanding and challenging jobs in the world. Bringing out the best in your subject by taking a different route and photo ensemble each time and carving a different mood for every client is what makes portraiture unique in its own rights.

The the recent and current trends and influences in portrait photography best camera can often be the one you happen to have with you. in the south of France. the annual street art event next week. Now, I did not mean to imply that any of the current photographic trends are right, wrong, or somewhere in between.

The reality is all imagery has its place and we as photographers need to find the style that suits our photographic philosophy. Prepare for design and photography in that escalates a deeper focus on the mediums used, a more sophisticated understanding and use of color, and a deeper connection to the moment over creating a mockery of staged setups.

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