Unit 2 leaderhip and motivation assignment

Leadership linked to culture The logical explanation of whether there is any relationship between leadership and culture. Culture stands for maintaining and continuing a certain prospective norm or doctrine depending on which an organization runs. This is a kind of module on which the wholeness of organizational activities is monitored. The culture determines organizational image in maintaining relational and activity related process within the working contexts.

Unit 2 leaderhip and motivation assignment

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A leader must use judgement to decide the most appropriate style needed for each situation. The first being the day to day running of a fire station which includes directing the work and training of a group of individuals, and secondly leading a response to emergency incidents. Elements common to both areas which influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviours which may be employed include; The people involved, and their level of competence The nature of the task routine or out of the ordinary The level of supervision the task requires The number of people required to achieve a task Where the task needs to be performed How the task is to be performed What level of priority is involved In an emergency incident additional factors which must be considered are; The time available in which a task needs completing The level and nature of the risks involved In the day to routine elements of the job working patterns and activities can be fairly predictable and so a variety of styles and behaviours may be appropriate depending on the bullet points listed above, but consultative, democratic and persuasive may be used in equal measure.

In this context the authoritative style may only be employed where performance or discipline issues arise. In the context of an emergency incident the predominant style is that of authoritative, although consultative may be appropriate if time allows and the nature of the problem is not completely understood by the leader.

However, in almost all Unit 2 leaderhip and motivation assignment the default style would then revert to authoritative.

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As well as deciding which style is appropriate for the situation, the leader should also be aware of the possible unintended consequences in relation to the team if the style is inappropriate for the situation or people involved.

The authoritative style where the leader makes all the decisions and tells the team what to do can be appropriate in time pressured risk sensitive situations, particularly where the team are not well trained or do not understand the situation. Applied properly positives include speed of action, clarity of purpose and the removal of doubt as to what is required of the team and individuals.

A consultative style encourages discussion with the team; the leader presents the situation or problem and may possibly suggest a provisional decision. They then invite discussion about it and get suggestions and ideas, the leader then decides.

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Disadvantages of this style could include slower decision making due to consultation, and the expectation of the team or individuals that they will always be consulted. The democratic style which allows the team to develop options and decide actions may be appropriate for a well trained team who perform at a high level.

Leadership functions may be shared with the team and individuals have a greater say in decision making and the implementation of actions and procedures. Advantages of this style may include securing team commitment to decisions and their implementation, which can be an aide to the development of the team and individuals, and increased morale.

Disadvantages; in situations where team roles are unclear it can lead to communication failures. And there is the possible dilution of responsibility if no one person is accountable for making decisions, or decisions made.

The results of recent assessments have highlighted serious training needs for this group of personnel and I have initiated a consultation process between this group and senior management to identify the best ways to rectify this situation.

Understand leadership qualities and review own leadership qualities and potential 2. Analysis of my results from the assessment revealed evidence of under use of the democratic style, and the tendency to favour the persuasive style of leadership.

The results in the authoritative and consultative styles were in line with my peers on the course. At this point I must qualify the findings of this self assessment. In my opinion the wording of the questions meant that a democratic style of leadership was inappropriate as issues of competence and performance were continually raised.

My analysis of the application of the democratic style indicates that this it is appropriate where the team are well trained and performing at or above expectation, any indications that this is not the case indicate the requirement for leadership action.

However, I accept the results of the assessment in relation the application of the persuasive style and recognise that there is the potential for ignoring the application of the democratic style of leadership In previous roles I have applied the democratic style to good effect.

I should consciously assess my use of the persuasive style in favour of the consultative or democratic styles. Comments from someone I manage in relation to my leadership style are that having set targets I am prone to not informing them if these targets change which may tend to suggest actual under use of the consultative style of leadership.

My line manager has commented positively on my ability to utilise of a variety of leadership styles according to the situational requirements, he did however identify in me a preference for the persuasive style which backs up the findings of the self — assessment task.

The prevailing management culture within my FRS is based on results achieved against pre-agreed annual Personal Development Reviews. From my own personal observations the authoritative style is very prevalent within the service in many situations, this may be due to due to high workloads, time pressures and capacity issues.

Unit 2 leaderhip and motivation assignment

These factors lead to the situation where the authoritative style appears very attractive because taken at face value it seems quick and easy.Assignment 2: Issue Paper – Focusing on a Healthcare Leadership Issue In this assignment students write an issue paper.

Students have the opportunity to integrate their experiences with the material covered in the course, and with additional literature, by preparing a paper on a current leadership issue – an issue that is important to the.

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For ease, these are scheduled at the end of the training days. Leadership & Management Essentials. MANAGEMENT THEORY AND PRACTICE. Course Outline (MBA/initiativeblog.com) Unit–1: INTRODUCTION Unit–2: DECISION MAKING. Time and Human Relationships in Decision Making Leadership Styles.

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