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Photo by Neil Armstrong. The five recipients are: Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard faculty award, Rosemary Sadlier staff award, Paulette Senior Ryerson student award, and the Viola Desmond high school student award, which is the only standing award at the ceremony each year.

Viola desmond essay help

See Article History Alternative Title: It is, however, the story of her courageous refusal to accept an act of racial discrimination that provided inspiration to a later generation of black persons in Nova Scotia and in the rest of Canada.

Early life and family She was brought up in a large family, including 10 siblings, and her parents were highly regarded within the black community in Halifax. Her father, James Albert Davis, was raised in a middle-class black family and had worked for a number of years as a stevedore before establishing himself as a barber.

Although racial mixing was not uncommon in early 20th-century Halifax, intermarriage was a rare occurrence. Nonetheless, her parents were accepted into the black community, where they became active and prominent members of various community organizations.

After a short period teaching in two racially segregated schools for black students, she began a program of study at the Field Beauty Culture School in Montrealone of the few such institutions in Canada at the time that accepted black applicants.

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She continued her training in the U. Entrepreneur and community leader In the early part of the 20th century, with the advent of new hairstyles that demanded special products and maintenance and an emphasis on fashion trends and personal grooming, beauty parlours offered opportunities for female entrepreneurs.

Black women, in particular, were able to discover opportunities not otherwise available. Beauty parlours became a centre of social contact within the black community, allowing shop owners to achieve a position of status and authority.

Desmond quickly found success. She opened a beauty school, the Desmond School of Beauty Culture, and expanded her business across the province. Desmond created a line of beauty products, which were sold at venues owned by graduates of her beauty school.

Aware of her obligation to her community, Desmond created the school in order to provide training that would support the growth of employment for young black women.

As many as 15 students graduated from the program each year. Although racism was not officially entrenched in Canadian society, black persons in Canada—and certainly in Nova Scotia—were aware that an unwritten code constrained their lives. Sometimes the limits were difficult to foresee.

Roseland Theatre On the evening of November 8,Desmond made an unplanned stop in the small community of New Glasgow after her car broke down en route to a business meeting in SydneyNova Scotia.

viola desmond essay help

Told that the repair would take a number of hours, she arranged for a hotel room and then decided to see a movie to pass the time. At the Roseland Theatre, Desmond requested a ticket for a seat on the main floor. The ticket seller handed Desmond a ticket to the balcony instead, the seating generally reserved for nonwhite customers.american journal of sociology religion essay effect of deforestation on climate essay essay on the movie the help comparison essay abraham lincoln vs martin luther king.

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Viola Desmond, in full Viola Irene Desmond, née Davis, (born July 6, , Halifax, Nova Scotia, Reynolds related the experience of Viola Desmond, prompting Robson to speak out.

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With the help of Reynolds, she began a prolonged effort to tell her sister’s story, including the publication of a book about her sister’s experience.

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Theories of Max Weber and Karl Marx Applied to the Case of Viola Desmond how law has become the truth in societies with the help of the s case of Viola Desmond and two recent.

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